Exhibition Tents for Airshow China 2021

2021 Zhuhai Airshow

About The Project

The 13th China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition 2021 (Zhuhai Airshow ) was held from September 28th to October 3rd, which is the largest airshow in China. LIRI Architecture, as for the local enterprise in Zhuhai, has been cooperated with China International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition for 20 years and made cooperation again this year. LIRI provided Zhuhai Airshow with numerous temporary exhibition halls, these halls are bright and spacious inside with multifunctional areas.

Arcum double decker tent, one of the temporary tents be used in Zhuhai airshow, whose design is double decker tent structure, people can enjoy the view of the whole site by standing on the balcony. Besides, as a VIP lounge, people can enjoy both taking a rest and enjoying the scenery in the meantime. These temporary exhibitions from LIRI Architecture covered a total area of 35,000 square meters. In this airshow, LIRI provided various solutions that almost match each scene promptly.

The Zhuhai Airshow, in addition to expanding the scale, let people deeply feel the strength of our motherland and the future of science and technology. Spy drone, Unmanned ship, Tianwen 1 Mars Probe, Change 5 Lunar Probe, BeiDou-3 Navigation Satellite System, showed in this exhibition, were all amazed us. All of them in this show are integrated into the four-word, “Chinese Power”.

Exhibition Tent Series Specifications
Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
10m8m8.54m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
15m8m8.89m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
20m8m9.2m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
25m8m9.5m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
30m8m9.8m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)
40m8m10m5m300x120x5mm (4 - channel)

Frame struts: hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6(15HW)

Fabric cover: high quality double PVC-coated polyester textile; 100% waterproof; flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM; UV resistant, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc

Connector: strong hot-dip galvanized steel

Allowed temperature condition: -30 degree Celsius +70 degree Celsius

Wind load: max. 100km/h

Snow load: 75kg/sqm (snow can’t stay if use big degree roof pitch design)

Easy to assemble and disassemble

No pole inside, 100% available interior space

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    How can I receive the tent to my destation in Tanzania Tabora . I want to get a church tent of 10,000 people

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