FISU World University Games

Sporting events tent for Chengdu 2021 FISU Games

About The Project

The 31st World University Summer Games represents the world’s highest competitive level of college athletes, the opening ceremony of the Games will be held in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, with more than 10,000 athletes from 170 countries and regions participating in Rong city, to share this youthful event. Following the cooperation with the ‘ Universiade Shenzhen’, LiRi Architecture Technology once again cooperates with the ‘Chengdu FISU World University Games’ to provide sports event tents solutions for this international event.

With its rich experience in event tents for this event, LiRi Architecture Technology provided a variety of tents with different functions for the site. With excellent product quality and construction strength, it added to the scene of the Universiade.

On-site security tents are divided into human inspection tents, vehicle inspection tents, and human-vehicle mixed inspection tents, a full range of security checks for the site to do a good job, and the advantages of its customized size can be a better fit with the site environment, to maintain an orderly and safe into the field.

Some of the functional tents: dangerous goods temporary storage point, spectator consultation point, volunteer station, licensed merchandise sales point, smoking area tent, etc., to meet the required functions on site, to provide a better viewing experience on site.

In order to provide more comprehensive services for the event, we also have security fences, camera platforms, commentator seats, temporary restrooms, area partitions, strong and weak electricity, security monitoring, and other temporary facilities.

With nearly 30 years of development, LiRi has cooperated with the Winter Olympics, Guangzhou Asian Games, Shenzhen Universiade, Wuhan Military World Games, National Games, Asian Beach Games, Beijing IAAF World Championships, Beijing International Equestrian Masters, China Cup Regatta, China Tennis Open, Beijing Marathon and other tournaments to provide one-stop tent solutions, and has been trusted by all kinds of international large-scale tournaments for the quality of its products and the construction technology of the strong strength of the company.

Sports Event Tent Series Specifications
Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
10m3.88m5.53m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
12m3.88m5.83m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
15m3.88m6.3m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
16m4m6.5m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
18m3.88m6.9m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
20m3.88m7.1m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
20m6m9.22m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
21m3.88m7.25m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)
25m3.88m7.88m5m204x120x4mm (4 - channel)

Frame struts: hard pressed extruded aluminum 6061/T6(15HW)

Fabric cover: high quality double PVC-coated polyester textile; 100% waterproof; flame retardant to DIN4102 B1, M2, CFM; UV resistant, tear resistant, self-cleaning ability, etc

Connector: strong hot-dip galvanized steel

Allowed temperature condition: -30 degree Celsius +70 degree Celsius

Wind load: max. 100km/h

Snow load: 75kg/sqm (snow can’t stay if use big degree roof pitch design)

Easy to assemble and disassemble

No pole inside, 100% available interior space

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