Military Tent

Barracks Tent

Barracks tent can be installed quickly by LIRI TENT with its rapid deployed-structure, which is suitable for temporary military camps and training bases.

Military Hangar Tent for Sale

This military tent has no fixed size, it can be tailored depending on the size of the plane, and you can choose the variety of uses optional configurations.

Customized Military Tent

military tent can be used as a temporary command center, temporary military training center, and a place for field army exercises.

Emergency Disaster Relief Tent

LIRI military tents used for disaster relief, medical rescue, temporary school buildings, transfer store of relief materials and accommodation etc.

Aircraft Hangar Tent Structure Manufacturer

The aircraft hangar tent is the latest tent series developed by Liri Tent , applying to the Naval Aviation and Civil Aviation as temporary or permanent hangars for light aircrafts.