Geodesic Dome Tent

Since the advent of the Geodesic dome tent, it has been popular all over the world, and many customers like to use the geodesic dome tent to attract the attention of the audience. The geodesic dome cover is made of high-strength steel pipe, with a minimum diameter of 2 meters and a maximum diameter of 60m to meet the needs of different customers.

5m-10m diameter small size of geodesic dome tent can be used as the wedding, hotel tents. 15m-30m diameter can be used for exhibitions, brand launches, and other high-end activities, while 30m-60m diameter large geodesic dome tent is popular to be used as a theater, concert party, and other large-scale activities. Different color and transparent cover are available, what’s more, inkjet and CNC sculpture can be used to make a custom unique fabric, providing a satisfactory solution for each customer.
LIRI geodesic dome shade, in line with international safety standards, the maximum resistance to 11 level winds, more than 10 years service life. Besides, there is no restriction of the site, has features of quickly built and dismantle.

LIRI provide rental and sales for geodesic dome cover. It will be more economical to rent for one-time use. For long-term use or repeated use, we suggest buying directly, which is more cost-effective. According to the specific needs of the activities, we can provide the flooring, air conditioning and other accessories for customers’ choice.