Crown Tent

  1. General Details

    Crown Tent, is a magical space tailored for various gatherings and events. Its unique design and flexible layout allow it to freely switch between different occasions, thus meeting the needs of various events.

    Multifunctional design

    The design of the Crown Tent is highly innovative, with each side curtain independently removable, allowing the tent to freely switch to open, semi-open, or private spaces. This flexible and versatile design greatly expands the applicability of tents. Whether it’s an indoor bonfire party, music festival, seminar, or celebration party, the Crown Tent can easily handle it with its unique functionality. The stove and chimney inside the tent can also be freely disassembled, providing more possibilities for activity space. The Crown Tent is undoubtedly the ideal choice for hosting various events.

    Spacious and comfortable

    The interior space of the tent is spacious and can accommodate 50 to 100 people for parties at the same time. Whether day or night, people can enjoy the dance on benches here, sing with their voices, and enjoy the music feast brought by folk improvisation and popular songs. This spacious and comfortable environment allows people to better immerse themselves in the atmosphere of events.

    Easy to build and disassemble

    In addition to the above advantages, the Crown Tent also features ease of construction and disassembly. This enables it to be quickly put into use in various occasions, providing strong guarantees for the smooth progress of events.

    Ideal space for events

    The Crown Tent has become an ideal choice for various gatherings and events due to its unique design, spacious and comfortable environment, flexible and versatile functions, and easy to build and dismantle features. It is not only a tent, but also a magical space that can bring infinite joy and surprise to people.

    Structure and accessories

    The crown tent frame is made of hard-pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6 (customizable wood grain transfer printing framework), and the cover is made of double sides PVC-coated polyester textile (customizable printing). Overall wind and rain resistance and flame retardant. It can be equipped with a central stove (with chimney), wooden walls, wooden doors, wood color printed ridge boards, interior wooden floors, and other accessories. Patent No: ZL202430088826.2

    Let LIRI take you into the magical space of the Crown Tent, and feel the infinite possibilities and joyful atmosphere it brings!


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