Tipi Glamping Tent

  1. General Details

    TIPI glamping tents can be traced back to the architectural style of the North American Indians in the last century. The houses built by the Indians are very simple, using natural resources to create wooden houses, but the houses built are all cone designs, because the Indians do not know the knowledge of vaults.

    Liri has learned from this style and used wood and canvas to create the most primitive Tipi glamping tent. The semi-circular khaki canvas with the log structure reveals a sense of simplicity, as much as possible to restore the original Style.

    The inside of the tent is supported from ten to twenty timber piles according to the size of the area, forming a protective umbrella shape. The covering tarp is fastened together by a row of sharp wooden nails, which highlights the internal skeleton line. It is not only more stable but also the overall image more stereoscopic and fuller. The canvas on both sides can be stretched to increase the internal ventilation. If a fire is built inside for heating, it will also have a good smoke exhaust effect.

    The front of the Tipi glamping tent is designed with a double-opening room, which is made of solid wood, which completely strips the modern feeling. The pure Indian style makes people feel the beauty of the architecture of the last century. As the concept of camping has gradually become popular, Tipi Glamping Tent has become popular in the camping circle for a while, and many outdoor activities will use this special style tent to camp and feel a different style.

    As a tent that can be moved at any time and is convenient to set up, Tipi glamping tent can be applied to various environments such as cement ground, grassland, gobi, desert, beach, etc. It is a good choice for large-scale camping activities.

    Eave height2.4m2.1m2.1m2.0m2.1m2.1m
    Ridge height9.0m6.8m5.5m4.3m5m4.3m
    Top height9.7m7.5m6.2m5m5.6m4.8m
    Diameter when sides are raised16.6m13m11m9.1m10.3m
    Floor area150m²83m²50m²33m²42m²33m²
    Covered area when sides are raised210m²132m²95m²
    Capacity (standing)120 people80 people45 people20 people28 people
    Capacity (seated)100 people72 people40 people16 people24 people12 people
    Capacity (camping)70 people50 people25 people12 people16 people6 people
    Main polesWooden pole Φ80/180x11500mmWooden pole Φ70/130x8300mmWooden pole Φ70/130x6800mmWooden pole Φ70/120x5300mmWooden pole Φ70/120x6100mmWooden pole Φ70/120x5300mm
    Weight of Packageabout 1200kg/setabout 700kg/setabout 550kg/setabout 300kg/setabout 350kg/setabout 350kg/set


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