Electric Push-Pull Structure

The electric design changes the basketball hall from indoor to outdoor easily.

  1. General Details

    Electric Push-Pull Structure is often used as the basketball court tent. It has the function of heat insulation and can protect the basketball court from the sun and rain. The electric design changes the basketball hall from indoor to outdoor easily. The solid universal nylon movable wheel can rotate 360°, making it easy to open the roof from the middle to both sides. The ceiling height can be also freely raised and lowered, and there will be a flexible internal space.

    The Electric Push-Pull Structure is applied to the outdoor environment, this requires a high standard of product quality, the material needs to be of a good performance at weather resistance, rain-proof, and sun-proof. In order to guarantee the long service life of the fabric, Liri and its manufacturer jointly developed and applied the PVDF and base fabric anti-seepage technology to the fabric, which makes it with better performance at waterproof, also with the function of self-cleaning, anti-mildew, anti-UV, flame retardant, etc.

    Compared with the general push-pull canopy, the roof of this Push-Pull Structure can be opened and closed from the middle to both sides, the solid universal nylon 360° rotating movable wheel mounted on the track only needs a simple push and pull action to complete the process, it can switch from outdoor to indoor at any time, even one person can easily operate it.

    The Electric Push-Pull Structure not only has a good nature of sun and rain protection, but the electric lifting design of the sidewalls can also adjust the position according to the actual situation, which is more flexible and more practical than the general canopy.

    It has good resistance to bad weather and a large enough internal space to effectively protect the internal space and provide a safe hiding environment, providing good conditions for outdoor projects.

    In addition to this, the Electric Push-Pull Structure also have a wide range of applications, the size can be customized according to customers’ requirements. It is used for sports events, large-scale events, BBQ venues, loading and unloading outside warehouses, sun and rain protection for food stalls, materials storage for construction sites, outdoor goods store, etc, which not only occupies a small space, is easy to install and can be moved at any time, but also is economical and practical.

    This product has obtained the national patent, patent number: 202222617675.3


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