Basketball Court Cover

Any demands for the rental prices of a Basketball Court Cover tent, we can provide personalized design and best solution for your requirement

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    Basketball is one of the most popular sports games. Due to its characteristic, basketball courts have a fixed size. So many fields are built outside because of the large area. However, the outdoor basketball court can be affected easily by weather, how can we build a weatherproof basketball court at a low cost? Basketball Court Cover tent will be a good option.

    Liri can offer many kinds of Basketball Court Cover Tents. The clear span of our products can range from 3m to 80m, the height also can range from 3m to 10m. There are many different shapes of tents of various sizes in this series, like Geodesic Dome Tent, Dome Tent, A shape Tent, and curve Tent.

    Basketball Court Cover Tent frameworks adopt high strength extruded and anodized Aluminum (6061/T6) which wind load can reach 100-120KM/H, the PVC covers use double PVC-coated polyester textile which is waterproof and with UV resistant and flame retardant feature. And we adopt the modularized structure, short installation period, easy to assemble and dismantle, space-saving for storage and transportation. In addition, Liri can provide many sports accessories including a ground-stand, sports floor system, basketball stands, scoreboard, etc. They are professional and full-featured & movable sports stadiums.

    Any demands the rental prices of a Basketball Court Cover tent, pls kindly let us know, we can provide personalized design and the best solution for your requirement! Welcome to consult by 400-688-7866 400-039-0086.

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