Indoor Football Field Fabric Buildings

Indoor football sports canopy is special designed by Liri Tent Company, a unique and beautiful tent-type football stadium which can be built directly

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    When playing football outdoors, the most feared thing is the sudden bad weather, which affects the normal running of the game seriously. And it is also the timing that our indoor football sports canopy is particularly important.

    Indoor football field fabric building is specially designed by Liri Tent Company, a unique and beautiful tent-type indoor soccer arena which can be built directly on the original football field. The fabric structure has a low requirement for the venue, as long as there is a block of empty land available. The construction can completely solve various problems caused by the climate, and more importantly, the indoor football field fabric building has four advantages of quick and flexible speed for dis-assembly and assembly, economic low-cost, cyclic utilization, and safe reliability. This is something cannot be matched by the traditional venue of any form.

    Now with the indoor soccer arena, the existing lack of indoor training space for athletics can be solved effectively, saving you all kinds of capital investment.

    Liri Tent can also customize various sizes of indoor football field fabric buildings, including 3v3 court for young people training, mainstream five-a-side field, seven-man field and nine-men court. Surrounding walls can use either ABS hard wall or the PVC fabric wall, which can be dismantled when playing football in the summer to increase air circulation and achieve a cooling effect.

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