Sports Arena Tent

The Sports Arena Tent built by Liri Tent has little difference from the conventional indoor stadiums. They are all stadiums that can be operated 24/7. Compared to the traditional sports arena, which is expensive and not easy to get the approved construction documents, the Liri sports arena tent can meet the functions of traditional sports venues, but in a shorter time and less cost.

Our Sports Arena Tent focuses on the fast build, customization, flexibility, and reusability. The indoor stadiums can be built by using different idle terrain in the city, even the roof space. The whole construction period only takes one week from establishment to completion, which can be put into use quickly.

The Liri stadium tent is sun protection, wind resistance, snow resistance, anti-icing, rain protection, rust prevention, fire resistance, etc. We offer a series of modules and multi-function sports arena solutions as temporary or permanent structures, Sports Arena Tent can create a barrier-free space inside, and at the same time can customize different indoor heights to meet different sports needs. At present, we have successfully built the following stadiums: basketball hall, football hall, tennis hall, badminton hall, swimming pool, ice hockey hall, etc.