Swimming Pool Canopy Tent

Liri Swimming Stadium tent can be easily installed and quickly dismounted, very convenient to extend or remove in the future, also recycling

  1. General Details

    As for one of the popular sport all over the world, swimming can make us a good health, relieve summer heat. Recently, there is less domestic indoor swimming stadium, most of the completed indoor pools are in high-end hotels. The conventional outdoor pool is often affected by the vagaries of the weather, in order to solve the problem of weather, Liri Tent launches the portable assembly type swimming pool tent canopy, to provide you an individualized solution.

    Comparing with other steel materials, Our swimming pool tent covers adopts an aluminum structure with better corrosion resistance and stability, avoid damage, especially suitable for swimming pools. Pool tent cover can select different shapes, such as A shape, Dome shape, Polygon shape, etc. Also, many accessories could be selected, such as glass door, ABS solid wall, lighting, lining decoration, flooring, transparent PVC fabric and sidewall PVC fabric, etc.

    In general, the length of the standard swimming pool is 50m, width is 21m. However, the width of our metal frame canopy pool can be up to 30m and with unlimited length, side height could be 6m. Size of the pool tent cover could be customized according to the actual size of the area, it could be mounted directly on the permanent swimming pool. Liri Tent not only can create the professional pool canopy for large swimming pool but also can provide a small home swimming pool, to meet the demand of different usage and the area of swimming pool. Our swimming pool tent can provide a series of completed facilities: Assembly Type Swimming Pool (including water treatment system), ultra-low temperature air source heat pump, pool dehumidifier, clothes changing room (including locker, shower), bleachers, etc.

    The construction cost of traditional indoors swimming stadiums is high and the construction period is long. Liri Swimming Stadium tent can be easily installed and quickly dismounted, very convenient to extend or remove in the future, also recycling and environmental protection. The innovative swimming pool shed of LIRI TENT, help you to save time and cost.

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