Lodge Tent

  1. General Details

    The lodge tent’s design has great tension. The sandy yellow appearance makes the tent naturally integrated with the local environment. The terrace is an excellent place to enjoy the beautiful scenery. A boundless grassland shows a strong flavor of boldness and passion everywhere.

    The lodge tent has a perfectly functional area, and the bedroom is separated from the bathroom. Even if many people live together, it is very convenient to wash. You can also install air conditioner inside the tent, even in the camp, you can feel the convenience of modern technology. The dry wet separation design of the bathroom is very humanized, which not only strengthens the sense of hierarchy but also won’t cause the ground to be wet when taking a bath, so as to avoid slipping and causing injury.

    Living in a lodge tent, you will have an illusion of a separated world. Outside the window is a grassland full of wild beauty, and inside the tent is a space full of modernity. You can feel the charm of nature when you step out of the door. If you step on the soft land and look into the distance, you will involuntarily sigh the beauty of nature.

    1. Karen Mitchell 2022-05-06 at 15:42 Reply

      Hi have you got prices & sizes for these lodges? we are just looking into this sort of thing.. thanks

    2. Hi I need the actual quote and where will you be shipping it from asap thanks

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