Pattaya Glamping Tent

Our designers chose light linen fabrics to create a brisk and bright outdoor holiday style.

  1. General Details

    With the development of the glamping market, our Glamping Tent structures are becoming more and more diversified. Pattaya Glamping Tent is our newly developed and designed double-roof structural tent with Southeast Asian style, which is suitable for a variety of outdoor applications.

    The main structure of our Pattaya Glamping Tent follows the prefabricated structure with galvanized steel pipe and fabric roof but adopts a double-roof design, which looks very exotic. There are four layers on the top of our Pattaya Glamping Tent. From inside to outside, they are inner decorative cloth, aluminum foil composite thermal insulation, PVC coated waterproof fabric, and the outermost layer is the waterproof and breathable canvas. The double-roof structure increases the overall height of the tent. The layered encrypted roof and air-permeable screens can prevent mosquitoes from entering the field, protect privacy, and also have a better heat insulation effect. It can be used in the field for a long time.

    The fabric material is also a major feature of our Pattaya Glamping Tent besides its double-roof structure. This is our first glamping tent made of canvas fabric. The canvas itself has a very strong tension and texture. With great breathability, it can provide good ventilation inside the tent. Our designers chose light linen fabrics to create a brisk and bright outdoor holiday style. Bamboo elements are used on the periphery of the mainframe, equipped with some belt elements, which make the tent look high-end overall. The original wood color is selected to match the interior layout and the soft furnishings with the whole structure. Incorporating the elements of pure natural hand-made rattan in Southeast Asia, it highlights the simple and natural beauty and creates a strong tropical style. Especially with plenty of sunlight shining into the room, the feeling of leisure and lazy vacation fills the entire tent.

    The regular Pattaya Glamping Tent has a square shape, with good ductility on all four sides, so it supports customization of a variety of sizes, such as 5*5m, 5*7.5m, 5*10m, 6*6m, 6*9m, etc. You can make the decision based on the actual size of the site. The material of the sidewall also can be customized, for example, multi-sided transparent PVC can be used to enhance the lighting and permeability of the room, and the order of the four sidewalls can be interchanged, which can easily realize the design concept of unbounded with nature.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL202030268166.8, 202021687143.1

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