1. General Details

    Orangery Tent originated in Europe in the 16th century, when the French aristocracy liked orange trees. And their manor had a greenhouse dedicated to planting orange trees. It was very popular in Europe at that time. Soon after, the greenhouse not only be used to plant trees but also for events, banquets, parties, and so on. That’s how the greenhouse structure becomes into Orangery Tent.

    The main feature of the Orangery Tent is transparency with a wide sphere of vision. Its main profile is made of aluminum alloy and galvanized steel, the roof is made of transparent PVC, side walls are made of glass all around. From every corner of the tent you can see the beautiful scenery outside, and then makes you feel good and relaxed.

    Liri Architecture Technology has developed three types of Orangery Tent. They are the European Orangery Tent, the American Orangery Tent, and the Australian Orangery Tent. They have different shapes and architectural styles. Two materials of the framework are available: aluminum alloy structure and galvanized steel structure. In order to make your venue more attractive, we can provide customized designs, for example, spray paint the surface of the framework in different colors. You will be unforgettable at first sight for the Orangery Tent.


    • Top height: 6.58 meters, 7.31 meters
    • Span width: 16 meters, 20 meters
    • Length: it depends on the site, the minimum specification is 15 meters
    • Main material: 0235 hot-dip galvanized steel pipe in black
    • The roof cover uses the PVC membrane.
    • Optional: Edwardian gables at both ends, semicircular pentagonal gables at both ends, iron glass wall, iron vintage glass wall, iron checkered wall, iron glass door, electric breathable top-hung window, transparent PVC membrane, black pattern PVC membrane, etc.

    The Orangery Tent looks simple, but it has very high requirements for material performance. The PVC fabric is required to have the characteristics of high tensile strength, waterproofing, heat insulation, and low-temperature resistance. The key to Orangery Tent’s success lies in innovative design and the use of advanced materials. In particular, the aluminum framework of the American Orangery Tent and Australian Orangery Tent have high strength and high hardness.It can resist wind pressure and snow load, and it’s beautiful and corrosion-resistant, ensuring the durability and durability of the Orangery Tent. The European Orangery Tent pursues retro and originality, adopting the iron style of the early Europeans and restoring the original architectural beauty.

    As a modular structure, the Orangery Tent can be designed according to the unique requirements of the site and better adapted to the surrounding environment. The accessories such as glass walls, glass doors, floor systems, and Orangery Tents can increase comfort and atmosphere, creating a more luxurious and high-end temporary building.

    Optional Components

    In order to create a more comfortable indoor environment, lighting systems, air conditioning systems, and ventilation systems can be added inside the Orangery Tent to set up a 24-hour event venue. Whether it is an outdoor wedding, corporate event, family gathering, garden party, etc., you can use the Orangery Tent to make the event more elegant and luxurious, creating a unique and attractive on-site atmosphere.


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