Panorama Dome

  1. General Details

    Facing the new experience of nature, Panorama creates a panoramic view, opens up a new experience of outdoor camping in another way, and experiences the mystery of living with nature more intuitively.

    In order to get closer to nature, Panorama adopts an all-wood structure design. 5A grade eucalyptus plywood is light in weight, has great advantages in transportation, and has excellent bending resistance, is not easy to deform, has strong weather resistance, and has a long service life. The surface of eucalyptus plywood covered with mahogany veneer has clear textures and beautiful appearances, which enhances the sense of refinement in the interior.

    PVC-coated synthetic fiber fabric has waterproof and breathable effects and also has excellent performance in flame retardant, anti-UV, and anti-mildew. The PVC fabric designed by a special tension system fits neatly and powerfully on the overall wooden frame. The sand yellow fabric that is highly unified with the wood weakens the sense of modernity visually, and the overall design looks harmonious. The large-scale transparent PVC window design expands the indoor field of vision, and you can see the surrounding natural beauty when you look up, creating an illusion of being outside and making outdoor camping feel more!

    In order to meet different accommodation needs, the Panorama tent designed by Moxuanju has two shapes: round and oval, with 5m spans (5*5m/5*8m/5*9m) and 6m spans (6*6m/6*9m/6*11m) options to meet various occupancy requirements.

    In order to experience the consistent luxury camping concept of Moxuanju, Moxuanju provides a variety of options for interior decoration. Even the same tent can have a different stay experience. PVC fabric/indoor floor frame/double-sided film-coated waterproof plywood/hard PVC lock wood floor, four-floor choices to create different indoor textures. In terms of the ventilation system, Moxuanju has three options: HEPA fresh air system/Electric exhaust fan with ventilation cap/solar exhaust fan, which provide a more effective ventilation effect, keep indoor air fresh, and solve the problem of stuffiness in the tent.

    In addition, we also worked on heat preservation. The inner layer of insulation cotton can achieve an indoor temperature constant effect, preventing cold/warm air from leaking out and invading. Not only can an air-conditioning system be installed indoors for temperature adjustment, but the stove exhaust vent designed by the Panorama Tent can also use a stove for heating indoors, even in cold areas, it can also be used normally.

    This product has obtained the national patent, patent number:  202230732655.3, 202230733345.3, 202222774658.0

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      Need these products, any agent in Bangladesh?

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      What are t dimensions and the cost? Also do you ship international.

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      Can you please send me catalog with prices on us dollars? Thanks

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