Push-Pull Basketball Covered

  1. General Details

    For basketball fans, it is a bummer that they are unable to enjoy their basketball activities because of the weather. Wind, rain, heat, exposure to the sun, etc. are the main culprits that make basketball activities impossible. Yet most indoor basketball courts are stuffy and unventilated, which means that it is not an enjoyable experience.

    To solve the problem of lack of air circulation and unpleasant experience in many indoor basketball courts on the market, Liri has introduced the Basketball Covered Court Structure, which has a top that opens from the middle to the sides and can be switched between indoor and outdoor modes at will.

    Basketball Covered Court Structure is long-lasting and durable and has a high resistance ability. It can achieve a clear span of 30-50m without upright support and can be extended in infinite lengths, making it easy to meet the needs of large temporary structures and providing greater flexibility, And the dimensions can be customized to suit the site.

    To deal with the shortcomings of a full canopy that is likely to leak, Liri has intentionally used a split canopy design, which solves the problem of water leakage and also reduces maintenance costs later on. The canopy can be replaced by individual pieces, making it more efficient and can be personalized with a color combination.

    Transparent walls can be selected from PVC transparent canopy and glass walls, enhancing the texture of the whole building while creating a greater sense of space, making the whole space look more open, more generous and better to improve the indoor lighting. In summer, it can block out the invasion of heat from outside, and in winter it can lock the indoor warmth and help to retain heat.

    The aluminum overhead track features a shear nylon roller system for smoother sliding, less friction and more silent use. The Basketball Covered Court Structure is 6 meters high on the sides, providing the opportunity to play without space constraints. It does not need to be welded and can be assembled directly on site, which shortens the construction period and enables it to be put into use more quickly.

    Since it is a temporary structure, the Basketball Covered Court Structure does not require building approval and can be used flexibly for a variety of purposes. Besides sports stadiums, it can also be used for logistics unloading, factory aisles, factory warehouses, etc.


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