Shell Shape Glamping Tent

  1. General Details

    Shell shape glamping tent is a new pursuit of life for users. The sleek debut, blending the bionic and architectural elegance, is the perfect choice for a variety of scenes.

    The open platform of the shell shape series meets the viewing needs of different angles, while the pointed shell angles are just right for the rain.

    The spacious platform has attracted many children and becomes a parent-child amusement park.

    The cool and playful rear looks like a cute big fish.

    The shell shape series tents are suitable for camps in major cities, parks, mountains, and lakes. The flexible structure facilitates rapid movement, adapts to changes in different environments and meets a wide range of needs.

    Shell Shape Series ∣Interior of Shell Shape Glamping Tent

    The small shells can be equipped with a sofa, coffee table, floor lamp, soft bed, coat rack, spacious floor-to-ceiling windows, and overall bathroom system.

    After a hard day, I came to the warm shell tent.

    A comfortable hot bath

    Sitting on the sofa and talking with family and friends

    In the soft bed of the shell shape tent, we sleep peacefully and greet the morning.

    Shell Series ∣Shell Shape Glamping Tent Multi-solution

    Standard layout

    Mini layout

    Light luxury layout

    (Luxury floor-to-ceiling windows, large viewing deck)

    This product has obtained the national patent, patent number: ZL201920591124.X,ZL’201930198036.9

    Floor Plan

    Shell Shape Glamping Tent for sale

    Clear Span ( m )Length ( m )Ridge Height ( m )Area ( m2 )Suggested Platform Area ( m2 )


    Accessories List

    Platform Structure: Steel and wood structure
    Cover System: 50-900g/m2 PVC-coated polyester textile.
    Structure Material: 6061/T6 Aluminum Alloy
    Cover Color: White, and yellow, beige, black, silver-gray
    Optional Accessories: Furniture, household appliances, lighting, bathroom, composite floor, lining, curtain, glass door, etc.
    Uses: Glamping campsite, folk accommodation, parks and gardens, outdoor leisure and recreation, etc.

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