Small Event Tent Series

  1. General Details

    Liri Tent can provide design, manufacturing, selling, renting and customize service of event tents. The Small Event Tent is available in clear span width of 8m, 10m, 12m, 15m, 16m, and 18m, with a standard side height of 3.3m. Small Event Tent is a modularized structure which can be increased or decreased by 5m bay. The main frameworks (upright support and roof beam) are manufactured with 4 channels pipes made of hard pressed extruded aluminum alloy 6061/T6 in the size of 152x119x3mm, and the PVC covers use double PVC-coated polyester textile which is flame retardant up to the European standard DIN 4102B1, M2. The fabric is available in blackout and translucent. Small Event Tent series for sale are available in A shape, arcum Shape, high peak shape and so on.

    Small Event Tent (ET series) are compatible with various tent accessories to enlarge their functions and usages.
    Optional accessories include:
    1. lighting: canister lighting, ball shape lighting;
    2. Audio equipment: stereophonic phonograph
    3. Air conditioning system: 5HP air conditioning, ceiling air conditioning, central air conditioning with duct;
    4. Tables and chairs: round tables, square tables, long tables, beer tables, folding chairs, ordinary chairs, luxury chairs;
    5. Stage and mobile toilets;
    6, Flooring system: platform, floor and carpet;
    7. Glass doors, glass wall and ABS hard wall;
    8. Ground anchors, weight plates;
    9. Full clear covers and sidewalls, clear PVC windows;
    10. Rain gutter, drain pipe;
    11. Decorative roof lining, inside curtains, etc.

    Small Event Tent (ET series) with advanced structure design, using the hot-dip galvanized steel connectors, and all parts are interchangeable, adopting the bar tensioning system for the the covers makes it safe and stable, wind resistance up to 100 km/hour (0.5kn/㎡). It is modularized structure which enables short installation period, easy to assembly and disassembly,

    Small Event Tent is widely used for large outdoor events, such as celebration activities, dinner party, outdoor recreation, reception room, VIP lounge, news center, dining area, conference room, opening ceremony, brand publicity, beer festival, fashion show, garden Party, cultural activities,sporting events, etc..

    This product has obtained national patent, patent number: ZL201120397654.4

  2. Product Specification
    Span WhidthEave HeightRidge HeightBay DistanceMain Profile
    8m3.3m4.53m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    10m3.3m4.85m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    10m4m5.55m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    12m3.3m5.16m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    12.5m3.3m5.29m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    15m3.3m5.62m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    15m4m6.32m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    16m3.3m5.72m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
    18m3.3m6.01m5m152x119x3.5mm (4 - channel)
  3. 3D Drawing

    Small Event Tent Series

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