Hexagon Module Square Tent

  1. General Details

    This year we developed the hexagonal modular tent series. Compared with the square shape(quadrilateral), the hexagonal modular tent is more beautiful and offers a bigger internal space. In traditional Chinese aesthetics, the beauty of symmetry is emphasized, especially in architecture. The beauty of symmetry can always be reflected vividly and vividly no matter it is used alone or in multiple combinations. Moreover, this kind of beauty is not boring and fresh, which also provides more modeling creativity and space imagination for this product.

    To design good products is not only changing their appearance but to upgrade their whole structure, function, and experience for customers.

    Now, with the advent of Hexagon Module Square Tent, people will change their view of a tent.

    Our Module Tent is designed as a cube which is a unique tent structure. The top of the tent is one of the selling points, cone, dome, and flat top, which is a breakthrough for the ordinary design and can show differences in tents.

    This time, Module Square Tent upgrades its appearance from quadrangle to the hexagon. The whole structure is safer and stronger than before.

    Advantage and specialty are improved:

    1. The indoor space of Hexagon Module Square Tent is larger.
    2. Upright and roof beam are seamlessly connected. Modular Tent can be expanded unlimitedly.
    3. The connection is a hot-dip galvanized steel insert. Carved by the CNC machine, the flower-shaped corner bracing looks special.
    4. Water can drain from the eave to upright through a roof beam to avoid the rain dropping from the eave.

    Each accessory is unique, for example:

    1. Vacuum glass walls are double layer so that they are workable for sound insulation and thermal insulation. Meanwhile, the net-shaped array makes the tents more stylish.
    2. All black aluminum frame and plain white roof cover make the whole tent more attractive.
    3. The cassette flooring can be customized, which ensures the floor is level.

    We are strict with product quality. With the trustworthy quality, Hexagon Module Square Tent is trusted by the clients and used for temporary, semi-permanent or permanent usage like exhibiting hall, mobile office, VIP lounge, a multiple-occupancy room in the suite, glamping hotel, etc..

    This product was awarded the national invention patent    Patent No.: 201720905621.3,ZL201920591123.5

    Hexagon Module Square Tent Technical data

    Hexagon Module Square Tent

  2. Product Specification
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