2023 Zhuhai Marathon

After eight years, the Zhuhai Marathon meets us again. The three events of marathon (42.195 kilometers), half marathon (21.0975 kilometers), and fun run (6.2 kilometers) all have different excitement.

2023 Zhuhai Marathon (6)

2023 Zhuhai Marathon (2)

2023 Zhuhai Marathon (4)

In this event, Liri Architecture Technology, as the official supporter, actively participated and contributed its modest efforts. Collaborate with other famous brands to hold a running event and create a marathon trip in Zhuhai!

2023 Zhuhai Marathon (3)

In order for everyone to come and return with joy, the entire race is full of expectation and love, with prepared supply stations, ready medical points, considerately prepared fitting rooms, safe security areas, and dazzling brand display areas. etc., the complete configuration is enough to satisfy the experience of the entire event.

2023 Zhuhai Marathon (5)

As a member of Liri Architecture Technology and an official supporter, looking at the bright and white outline of the tent in front of me, I feel inner pride. Running to the finish line is not the goal. Never stopping is the true meaning of marathon. The 2023 Zhuhai Marathon has come to an end, but our collective memories of the Zhuhai Marathon are still fresh.

2023 Zhuhai Marathon (1)

2023 Zhuhai Marathon (7)

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