2024 We are back on deck

The Spring Festival is still lingering, and with the sound of firecrackers ringing through the sky, we ushered in a new working year full of vitality and hope. Here, full of joy to extend the warmest congratulations to everyone: Go Liri, Good luck with your work throughout the new year! Company leaders and department directors warmly welcomed everyone back to work at the company gate. Liri employees devoted themselves to the new work cycle with full passion. In the new year, we will continue to work together and shine in our respective positions.

2024 We are back on deck (2)

In the past year, Liri Architecture Technology Co., Ltd. has achieved remarkable results and breakthrough progress. For the first time, it has received high praise and recognition from the leaders of Doumen District, Zhuhai City. This is a recognition of the hard work and outstanding contributions of Liri people. In the fierce market competition environment, Liri Architecture Technology still maintains the leading position in the industry. This not only demonstrates the company’s strong strength and steady development but also reflects the company’s leading position in strategic planning, operations management, product innovation, and service quality. It is expected that in the future development path, the company can continue to lead the development of the industry and create more brilliant achievements.

2024 We are back on deck (4)

The warm and exciting sound of firecrackers is like a majestic symphony, igniting the passion for struggle in everyone’s heart, calling us to devote ourselves to work with a new look and a full mental state. Mr. Chen and Mr. Liang distributed “red packet for starting operation” full of blessings and expectations to each employee, igniting work enthusiasm and innovation vitality in the new year. Red packet for starting operation is not only a material gift, but also the company’s recognition of each colleague’s hard work and high hopes for the future. It symbolizes the good meaning of good luck and everything goes well, and it also embodies the ardent care and deep blessing of the company’s leadership for the work and life of all employees in the New Year.

2024 We are back on deck (3)

Dear new and old customers and friends, with your trust and support, our cooperation can be so steady and far-reaching. We look forward to working hand in hand to create more brilliant achievements, achieve mutual benefit and win-win results, and share the joy of success. At the same time, we will continue to improve service quality in the new year, deepen mutual trust and cooperation, provide you with better products and services, and jointly write a new business chapter.

2024 We are back on deck (5)

Let’s get started, let’s work together to meet the challenges with a new look, seize the opportunities, and write a wonderful chapter that belongs to us. In the new year, let us set sail together towards a brighter future!

2024 We are back on deck (1)

Once again, I wish everyone a good start, all the best, good health, and smooth work!

Let us continue to uphold the original heart, embrace the dream, with a new attitude, full of enthusiasm, and start a new journey in the Year of the Dragon.

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