Experience 3D Art Exhibition in Tents

Liri Tent has built more than 5,000 square meter exhibition tents for 3D Art Exhibition recently, fully demonstrated the perfect combination between modern 3D technology and tents, witnessed the process of common development of tents and modern technology.

3D art magic painting is a kind of art pattern of manifestation, through using the principles of light refraction and reflection on the wall and floor, with the help of the aerial perspective, the shadow method, the law of adjusting the angle etc. The works produce an illusion of 3D stereo feeling for their viewer. The audience can enter into the three-dimensional space standing a suitable stance, which makes them feel they are blended into the scene. Surely you will be attracted by all sorts of peculiar 3D painting, and cant help putting various poses to take photos with them.

Come and appreciate our unlimited creative works!

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