Liri Wedding Tent As Grand As A Luxury Hotel

transparent wedding tent

Recently,a couple held their wedding in a temporary wedding tent. Totally different from the old fashioned tent solution,It was decorated with lighting,roof lining,sidewall curtains,flowers,etc. which created a warm and romantic atmosphere. The guests just felt like enjoying a wedding party in a luxury hotel.

Actually,using a tent for outdoor events has been a popular trend for some time. Liri Tent’ engineer and designer deems that the tent can be used as a movable restaurant. He said,“Tent is the upgrade structure of rural simple shed and plastic shed. But the difference lies in the better materials and decorations. All of these materials are chosen strictly. Decorated with different kinds of lighting,a special and nice effect would be made. Liri Tent is experienced in this filed and knows how to hold a wedding or party successfully with a tent. There are lot of successful cases,both at home and abroad.”

How do the clients think about using an outdoor tent for a wedding party? As far as we know,most clients admire this idea.

“Nowadays,the soon-to-be-married couples tends to hold their weddings in a specific peak season,which leads to an awkward situation. It is quite difficult for the couples to book a restaurant for the wedding party. But now,we have another perfect solution. Just find a open space nearby and install a wedding tent. ” One of the clients Mr. Wang said.

Different from Mr. Wang’s idea,Ms. Liu chooses to use tent because it would be much more economical. She said,“To hold a wedding dinner party in a restaurant,only food and drinks,it would cost about RMB5000/table. 20 tables would be RMB100000. If we use a tent,we might be bothered to hire the cook. But the cost is just half of the cost in the restaurant. It is economical. Besides,the tent can be decorated with roof lining and sidewall curtains. Even,the tables and chairs are available from Liri. Their staffs will help the decoration. Good price,nice tent,perfect decoration,good service. Guests can enjoy the wedding outdoors. Why not choose a tent? ”

Liri Tent’s engineer and designer said,“Indeed,some small decorations can make a big difference,such as small shiny trinkets,candles,lining with crystal beads. Choose the theme of your event,then design and decorate the tent accordingly. Sure,you can also inform us about your idea,our designers can recommend you the best solution. ”
Every coin has two sides. Some people don’t think using tents for parties and weddings is a good solution. They insist that “Tents may be more suitable to be used in the rural place. If the space is not big enough,how could that be possible to install the tent?” Liri Tent’s engineer said,“ Actually,it is not a concern. Our tent is modular design,it can be designed and installed according to the actual space. We can use a big tent when the space is big enough. When it comes to a restricted space,mixed tent would be available from us. We can always customized the tent to meet your specific requirement. ”

indoor wedding tent

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