Out Of The Ordinary My Tent

Out Of The Ordinary   My Tent

Aluminium Alloy Tent is a special structure and has been used in various sectors. The exterior of tent looks like normal buildings, but not made of cement and concrete iron. What kind of house is the tent? Also what kind of role does tent play in society?

Tent Specialist – LIRI clears up your confusion. Aluminium Alloy Tent is a movable architecture, which can be used for industrial warehouse, logistics storage, outdoor exhibition, sports event, tourism event, business gathering, celebration, business promotion, military hangar and disaster relief and other temporary or permanent activities.

Normal Types Of Aluminium Alloy Tent:
1. A Shape Tent: it is most popular and used most frequently, the clear span width is from 3m to 60m, widely used for big exhibition, business promotion, wedding event, outdoor
party and so on.

2. Special High Peak Tent, the base is in a square shape and is very similar to A Shape Tent, but with a high peak, it can give a different vision and looks more elegant and fashionable.

3. Half Sphere Tent/Geodesic Tent, this type is a little different, the structure is made of steel, it’s strong and stable, which is considered as the tent that with the biggest practicable space, the lightest weight and most effective design. Lights, sound equipment and decorations can be hung to make your events be more fantastic.

4. Mixed High Peak Tent with bell ends, if you want something unique, choose it.

Optional Accessories:
1. Clear PVC fabric arch window: it makes the tent be more like a real building.
2. Decoration roof lining and side curtain: it’s used for covering windows and doors or decorating the interior, satin and cloth are the raw materials.
3. Wood flooring system: it’s a modular design and can be assembled and dismantled easily and repeatedly, normally used luxury events. Heating and water sucking are also its special features.
4. ABS solid wall: such a high-end accessory, it’s not only strong but also looks quite beautiful.
5. Air conditioning system: the temperature, humidity, cleanness and the speed of airflow can be improved by this system, so the user can have a comfortable environment according to their specific requirements.
6. Glassdoor system: it includes regular door and special door, but normally it’s a kind of solid door which made of tempered glass and aluminum alloy frame, the thickness is 12mm, it’s pretty strong and safe.

Thanks to quick erection and disassembly, easy for transportation, high strength and safety and long lifespan, people can see more and more aluminum alloy tents. LIRI TENT is the best choice for your event.

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