Industrial Pneumatic Structure

  1. General Details

    In the industrial field, green environmental protection and convenience have always attracted much attention. Many manufacturers adopt temporary buildings. However, traditional steel structure buildings have high investments and long construction times. Today’s popular air-supported structure just solves this problem.

    The air-supported structure has superior airtightness and can be isolated from the outside, which greatly blocks the spread of dust, avoids environmental pollution, and truly achieves “green industry”. Moreover, the cost of pneumatic building is much lower than that of steel structure temporary building, which reduces a large part of the burden on the cost.

    The industrial pneumatic structure is assembled in a fabricated way. No construction waste is generated during the construction process. The installation takes only 10-15 days, which can realize rapid relocation. It is worth mentioning that its intelligent control function can monitor the temperature, humidity, air pressure, and other indicators in the building for 24 hours. It can be monitored remotely through a mobile APP to grasp emergencies for the first time.

    In terms of safety, PVDF membrane material is used in the whole industrial pneumatic structure, which can not only prevent wind, fire, rain, and snow but also avoid maintenance, high light transmittance, and normal use for more than 15 years. It is supported by air pressure as a whole, and even if it collapses, it has a very abundant buffer time, which greatly reduces the safety risk. It can be applied to operations in various industrial fields.


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