Sports Air Domes

  1. General Details

    The Air-supported structure is covered with a membrane to form a closed environment. Slightly higher air pressure inside the dome supports the entire structure, no need for supports inside, like a bubble. It consists of three layers of fabric, the inner fabric, middle insulation, and outer membrane, which can achieve the effect of heat preservation in winter and heat insulation in summer.

    Sports Air Domes can easily reach a span of 100m, it can be used for multiple purposes, and can use as a comprehensive gymnasium with badminton and basketball, table tennis, tennis, and volleyball areas. The venue can be fixed with professional sports floors and equipped with professional sports equipment, air conditioning, heaters, lighting, and other electrical equipment.

    In addition, the interior can be divided into multiple areas for office, storage, rest, and other functions.

    Sports Air Domes is also equipped with an intelligent management system to control the temperature, humidity, air pressure, and air volume so as to ensure the comfort of the hall. The fresh air ventilation system circulates fresh air for 24 hours to purify the air.

    The air-supported structure is an advanced, safe, energy-saving, and environmental protection structure. Its curved shape and good maintenance measures make it has strong wind resistance and strong pressure resistance. And it is equipped with an escape door to ensure safety.


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