Mini Tipi Glamping Tent

  1. General Details

    The TIPI tent, which continues the Indian spirit, has always been loved by the camping circle. The new mini TIPI tent launched by Liri has a unique retro atmosphere. The frame consists of six pieces of slow-growing spruce trees which full of the charm of nature. And the internal brackets are fixed with wooden beams and aluminum fixing accessories, which is safer.

    The cover is waterproof canvas which is popularly used for outdoor environments. The width of the tent is 4m, height is 2.7m. It is a conical shape. There is a zippered entrance door on the front side and unique trapezoidal transparent PVC windows on two sides. The most special design is the breathable skylight, there is a vent cup on the top, it can be pulled up easily and let the fresh air go inside. It is a good solution for ventilation.

    And the clever thing is, the Mini Tipi Tent can be opened and used as an open awning. Each main pole has two attachment points. The canvas can be fixed on the 12 fixing points which prevent the mesh from rotating on the frame. The tent can be used in high wind conditions. And the attachment points also play a key role when connected tents together. Tipi Tent is simple and can be set up quickly. In addition, it can be matched with different sizes of tents by using the combination of connecting rods, covering canvas, and straps. Our Tipi Tents are popularly used in different places and applications.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: ZL202230480820.0

    Eave height2.0m2.2m2.1m
    Ridge height2.7m3.4m3.6m
    Top height3m3.7m
    Diameter when sides are raised6.3m
    Floor area10m²16m²28m²
    Covered area when sides are raised
    Capacity (standing)10 people12 people16 people
    Capacity (seated)6 people6 people8 people
    Capacity (camping)2 people4 people
    Main polesWooden pole Φ60x3100mmWooden pole Φ60x4000mmWooden pole Φ70x4600mm
    Weight of Packageabout 90kg/setabout 120kg/setabout 220kg/set

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    1. Armando Mendoza 2023-06-12 at 00:36 Reply

      Buying 20 of the mini tipi tent, how long will take to have them ready and deliver in los cabos Mexico. Also how much per unit ?

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