Teepee Glamping Tent

  1. General Details

    Teepee glamping tent evolved from Indian Aboriginal housing design. It looks like a hat from a distance. Its strange shape has a great visual impact. Its wild beauty makes it stand out among many glamping tent products. We use Khaki colored PVC fabric and three transparent windows to make the whole tent look like it is drilled out of the ground, with a taste of savage growth. The super large internal space gives everyone unlimited imagination space, which is very suitable for any scope of use.

    The teepee glamping tent is characterized by open designs on the left and right sides, which not only expands the internal sense of space but also ensures the circulation of air, with good ventilation effects. No matter how many people will not feel stuffy and hot, it is very suitable for use as a public place.

    The aluminum alloy frame with heat transfer printing wood grain makes the teepee glamping tent look very tall and secure. The design of the archway looks quite atmospheric, and the high peak design is even bolder, symbolizing the wild characteristics of the Indians, resulting in a very strong visual impact.

    The interior space of the teepee glamping tent is wider than expected. With beautiful warm color lamps, it seems like a beautiful tree hole, full of novelty. The open design and transparent wall make people feel a unique experience instead of any depression.

    This product has obtained a national patent, patent number: 202222240799.4

    1. Vijay thopte 2022-04-12 at 00:52 Reply

      Hi give me the specifications and price details for this teepee glamping tents… And are they available in maharashtra india

    2. What is the size.
      And cost


    3. Victor: can I use it as a wedding tent?

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