Multi-side tent

The multi-side tent round tent series has a unique diamond roof and high peak roof designs. Clearspan width has a wide range from 6m – 35m, Full line accessories are compatible with this series. Multi-side units are able to be joint with the regular A shape units, high peak unit to form a mixed tent. Widely used as the hotel tent, restaurant, canteen, VIP lounge, wedding, party, event and so on.

Multi-side tent Solutions

Fabric Polygonal Tent for Carnival Event

Base on professional technology and rich experience, Liri Tent introduced the advanced polygonal carnival tent design, like hexagonal, octagonal, And so on.

Multi Side Wedding Tent for Sale

The multi-side tent is another innovation on the basis of the conventional tent. It is another kind of wedding tent used for the wedding reception.

Round Party Tent for Sale

We can tailor polygonal party tent according to different applications and occasions and customer's specific needs. Liri party tent for sale now.