Basketball Bleachers

Basketball Gym Bleachers

About The Project

The basketball bleachers is a necessary facility for sports venues, whether it is outdoor or indoor venues, basketball bleachers allow the original scattered audience to sit down and watch the game comfortably, avoiding on-site congestion, in addition to improving the audience’s viewing. It plays a big role in maintaining the order and safety on the site.

Last weekend, for 4 days, the 2018 JUMP10 World Streetball Grand Prix was successfully held on the Expo Plaza near China Pavilion and Mercedes-Benz Cultural Center on the banks of Shanghai Huangpu River. This is an open-air basketball built on the streets of the city. In the field, we provided three-sided open-air basketball bleachers that can accommodate 3,000 spectators while watching some basketball games. Our basketball bleacher is flexible and customizable and the same as the tent structures. it can be customized according to customer’s requirements for height and length and can be quickly installed, disassembled and transported.

Different from the indoor basketball games, this time our basketball bleachers are used outdoors. Liri worked with the organizers finished the installation of the three-row in less than a week. 13-row basketball bleachers around the stadium offer over 3,000 seats. All the audience on the bleachers not only can watch the exciting basketball games but also can enjoy the night view of the entire Huangpu River and Shanghai landmarks.

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