Double Decker Tent

Clear Span Double Decker Series

Double Decker Tent is an ideal optional temporary structure for outdoor business events, sports events because there is no pillar inside. The customer has more space for different functions. We have many projects with double decker tent solutions such as temporary restaurants, VIP rooms, luxurious exhibition halls, etc.

When land has limited space, double decker tents are like a single house. The rational functional partition will improve space utilization. Currently, double decker tents have 4 meters height limit for each floor and the largest clear span width of 40 meters. For example, the first floor can be an open show hall and the second floor is suitable for private reception or parlor. You can also add restaurants and meeting rooms which depends on your choice.

Double decker tent can offer the second floor as viewing areas when you are having a big sports event. In addition, live TV is necessary for sports events, so double decker or triple decker design can offer better spaces for live recording.

For the brand exhibitions, double decker tents are the best option to show the brand image without a doubt. It will be better to create a brand image if function division arranges in a reasonable way. It is also available to print advertising by the exterior of double decker tents for the effect of publicity. It will be the central point for big events.

We offer different designs of double decker tents such as A shape, curve shape, high peak design, and cube inflatable design.

Double Decker Tent Solutions

Double Decker Tent for Equestrian Beijing Masters Sports Event

The Masters equestrian sport event tents provided by Liri Tent, which sets up more than 6,000 square meters of equestrian tents for the event.

Double Decker Tent For Sports Event Golf Games In Europe

Golf sport event tents arcum double-decker tent glass wall for golf games in Europe are widely used for the spectator stands, restaurants, lounges etc.

Two Story Exhibition Tent with Wall

Recently, Liri Tent, worked closely with a large construction machinery company to create eye-catching two-story exhibition tent.

40m Double Decker Exhibition Tent

40m exhibition tent opens a new innovative era, improving the 4m standard side height structures into 8m side height double-decker tents.

Two Story Tents for VIP Loundge

Liri two-story tent structure has a high reputation in sports event all over the world.

Two Story Party Tent for Outdoor Live Show

Two stories outdoor party tent on sale for the outdoor live show is a revolutionary breakthrough of the regular tent, which allows 200% usage of the ground.

Large Double Decker Tent for Outdoor Party

Liri large tent with glass system is on sale. It is widely used for sports events, party, and outdoor events. Large double-decker tent from Liri can be tailored according to specific requirements

Two Story Sports Event Tent Supplier

The two-story sports event tent used for VIP dining gets 200% usage of the land, which means more seat capacity created by the limited size of land.

Double Decker Tent for Auto Car Exhibition

Liri double-decker structure for auto car exhibition tents is widely used for temporary pavilions, showrooms, reception and consulting rooms.