​Here We Go, Bali Trip Of The Excellent Staff Of LIRI TENT

Recently, the company organized a wonderful trip to the beautiful island of Bali for those excellent staff of 2015, it was an unforgettable six-day vacation in this tropical island.

During the tour, we visited the four most prominent beach resort area in Bali, including Kuta Kuta, Sanur Sanur, Nusa Dua Nusa Dua, Jimbaran Jimbaran beach and scenic attractions, we also enjoyed the world famous Balinese sunrise and sunset in the Strait of Bali (Bali Strait). Here, the wide beach and fine sand, the clear blue sea, the fresh air made us physically and mentally very relaxed and comfortable. It’s really a quiet place to get away from the city and take the body and mind back to nature, far away from the hubbub of city life and crowds.

The trip to Bali, it was a great opportunity for our excellent staff to relax in the nature, it also shows that the company’s gratitude to its staff, the company has created an innovative, positive company culture, all the staff can feel the warmth of being one of the team, it helps strengthen the internal power of our company, everyone works together to get the works done. Everyone promised that they would keep growing working hard in the coming future, in 2016, LIRI will accomplish a higher achievement with all Liners.

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