2014 LIRI Tent New Year Gala & Feastful Opening Day Riding Forever, Foundation Evergreen

Zhuhai Liri Tent Co. opened Annual Dinner on February 11, 2014, 18:30 grand opening in the banquet . The 2014 Year of the Horse, bring us the joy of harvest and New Year spraying. Liri is like a horse gallop Riding Forever!

After Family reunion during the Spring Festival, LIRI members return to work, start a new year of struggle and sail. Mrs.Chen and Mr. Liang toast with colleagues at every table, all staffs gather jubilant for New Year ceremony.

In the past year, there are many excellent staffs in ordinary jobs diligently, tirelessly, with their industrious hands for Liri Tent industry, they made tremendous contributions. To this end, the company carried out in recognition of outstanding employees, awarded honorary certificates and money.

In the evening, the company prepared for all employees a hearty dinner and generous prizes,42 -inch LCD TV, brand smartphones, cash 500 yuan / 800 yuan / 1000 yuan so everyone has a chance of winning, members from office win a lot of awards from the lottery. especially the Department of Foreign Trade a lot of my colleagues have hit the jackpot. We sip a hearty dinner, continue to laughter in enjoyable.

LIRI staffs in the party prepared a lot of programs, concerts, gourd Division, colorful guitar, and finally Miss Chen from Foreign Trade Guangzhou Branch sang for everyone ” Invisible Wings ” make the party pulled a climax. Liri Tent grows invisible wings, abstract, fly higher, fly farther.

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