2016 JD Running Held Successfully Under Liri Tent

2016 JD Running Held Successfully Under Liri Tent

There is a saying that in China, you should not miss the spring in Kunming, autumn in Beijing, rainy days in Guilin. Also, the night in Shanghai. 2016 JD RUNNING Shanghai Stop, the only stop held at night – let’s enjoy a rock & roll running party under “love and embrace”. Just say: “Hey Shanghai! Rock Run+.”

Outdoor large Pagoda Tent for sale

2016JD Running is widely known as the funnest running event. Not only the funny running game itself, also the stunning lighting effect and wonderful stage design, the runners would surely have a special running experience. Besides, all kinds of gourmet are prepared, sandwich, chocolate, beer, fruits, and so on.

Pagoda Tent

Liri Tent, as always, participates in this grand event with the high-quality aluminum tents.

Security is the priority, especially for such a grand event. Because of this, Liri Tent provides lots of pagoda tent as medical points for every one kilometer. Also, to meet the international standard and requirement, Liri Tent offers high-quality clear span aluminum tents and good services.

JD running

Liri Tent is the most reliable tent supplier in China, active and innovative. Not just focus on the tenting technique and tent structure, but also keep upgrading the tent design and the after service.

Mini Pagoda

Liri Tent always offers the best quality tents for any outdoor events.

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