2022 Good luck of the beginning!

Liri Architecture has rung in a new year, and the first firecracker set off in Liri Architecture for the start of the new year——this is our company’s unchanged corporate culture and a welcome ceremony for every employee. On the first day of work after the Chinese New Year holiday, Mr. Liang and the leaders of various departments waited at the door of the company early to welcome every familiar face. Every member of Liri Architecture returned to their positions on time with expectations and plans for the new year.

2022 Good luck of the beginning“Good luck of the beginning” is a constant wish for kick-off every year, and the “Red Pocket” for the start of work is a blessing from the company to every staff. It enables every one of us to start the new year with a sense of ceremony full of blessings.

The pointer of time constantly moves around, and countless memories and proud achievements are curved deeply in our minds. As time flies by, the past passed, and the presence will shape the way of the future. Always hold it firm that our strength is beyond our imagination, and our creativity is infinite. In 2022, let’s face new challenges with a new look, continue to surprise, and reach new heights!

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