2024 Liri Architecture Technology Company Annual Dinner

The opening of “2024-Building the Future Together” annual dinner is organized by Liri Architecture Technology on February 24th(the 15th day of the first lunar month). Liri Architecture Technology prepared a surprising and exciting performance of this banquet in order to reward employees for their hard working over the past year.

Put in the raffle ticket before taking a seat

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In the well-decorated meeting venue, employees entered one after another, casting their raffle tickets with their names for the prizes into boxes with anticipation.

Opening & Leader’s Speech

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The host announced the opening and then leaders extended their sincerest wishes to all colleagues of Liri.

Wecloming the God of Wealth & banquet Opening

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The God of Wealth arrives with luck arrives, and the good luck brings prosperity to eveyone. We are celebrating the beginning of the new year together.

Surprise prizes raffle for Good Luck;

Grateful for the journey and let us hand in hand to create a better future;

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10th Anniversary Employee Award Ceremony;

Annual Excellent Employee Award Ceremony;

Wonderful programs are coming up endlessly;

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To let the dinner be more exciting, the employees showcased their wonderful performances one after another.

The mysterious prize let everyone screams in surprise.

Liri will not disappointed any employee in this banquet, the employee who failed to the prize will get a cash red envelopes. This annual banquet belongs to every employees present, this surprise also belongs to every member of the family of Liri. Everyone has a prize, Liri never ignore anyone.

This opening dinner of 2024 belongs to Liri, and also belongs to all of you. Let us unite together, goodbye to the past year, and carry this luck with a passionate attitude to welcome the whole new 2024 and create another round of glory!

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