40m Big Tent on the 104th Canton Fair

The 104th CHINA IMPORT AND EXPORT FAIR drew the eyes from many industries. As the professional and only tent supplier of the 10th CHINA IMPORT AND EXPORT FAIR, Liri Tent installed the tents over 40,000sq.m with the most area in the history. The total booths arrived 55,000. It was 10,000 more than last time. Over 3,000 Export-oriented companies attended the Canton Fair newly. The suppliers reached 22,000. The high tide is coming after the big change of the Canton Fair!
The tents on the Canton Fair was widely used as the register center of the purchasers, temporary offices, walkways, policies restrooms,  safety-checking shelters, temporary restaurants and so on. The 40m big tents which used as the register center of the purchasers is a big landscape on the Canton Fair!
Liri Tent cooperated with the Canton Fair’s organizer from many aspects, installed and dismantled the tents by stages successfully according to the plan. To cooperate with 1st Phase & 2nd Phase,2nd Phase & 3rd Phase’ booths dismiss and replace, we dismantled and installed the tents within the most short time. Our efforts got good comments from the customers and won the good reputation all the time!

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