A Ceremony at Gaolan Port Economic Zone Cooperate With Zhuhai Liri Tent

On April 24th,2012, Liri Tent cooperated with Gaolan Port Economic Zone to create a ceremony for Sanyal Ocean Heavy Industrial Park. Many governors from Central China Provinces as well as Guangdong attended this big event.

Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology provided a 30m x 30m Big Tent with an eave height of 5m and a peak height of 9.8m as the ceremony hall for this groundbreaking ceremony. It was a custom height tent for the ceremony compared to the usual eave height of 4m.

The ceremony tent, a set of New Party Tent 10x15m with glass walls, the glass door was used for the VIP room. It was also a custom eave height tent of 3.8m compared to the usual eave height of 2.6m to create an ideal environment for this high-class event. The facilities provided a cozy space for all the governors who attended the event.

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