A Wedding Tent Makes A Perfect Wedding Ceremony

“Marriage is not 1+1=2, but 0.5+0.5=1. After marriage, you both need to remove half of your personality to form a wonderful family. Marriage is not an occupation but unity.

Please take good care of my daughter, as long as you follow up the instruction manual, the warranty is 100 years. If there are any broken, please send it back to me and don’t fix by yourself.”

transparent wedding tent wedding marquee

This is the speech for the new couple from a father of the bride. His speech is fun but full of genuineness, and the words showing he is attached to his daughter. He is also telling that marriage is not a fun; they need to know how to cherish each other.

Marriage is not only a paper, but to inform others ” we are together”, but a commitment to stay dependent and never abandon. It is lucky that two people can know each other well and love each other, and it is great fortune that if the couple can get the approval from the parents.

Therefore, people need to think hard to prepare the wedding and let this day become unforgettable memories, but not just a wedding video and keeping it on the computer.

Wedding tent from LIRI can fulfill your wish for a unique and impressive wedding. The normal wedding in the church is not the only option for you anymore, you could have a new option, to make the wedding on the outdoor grass, beach, and park and so on.

tent On location Wedding Ceremony tent dim light of night transparent tent

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