Alibaba and Suning Commerce Enter Into Strategic Alliance

On the afternoon of August 10th, Alibaba group and Suning group announced a comprehensive strategic cooperation. Alibaba Group will invest about 280 billion RMB in Suning for the nonpublic offering, the percentage of issued after the total share capital of 19.99%, becoming the second largest shareholder of Suning group. Both parties will cooperate in the future to provide more comprehensive business services to China and the global consumers, leading the Chinese retail industry to change the efficiency.

Through the complementary advantages of both parties, more and more consumers will be able to get an unprecedented shopping experience, enjoying the convenience and fun of online shopping, but also to get the experience and service stores.

As of now, Suning logistics has 4,520,000 square meters of storage area,4 aviation hubs,12 automatic sorting centers,660 City Distribution Centers,10000 express delivery points, the future Suning logistics will become a rookie network partners,logistics almost covered the country has 2800 counties, services Alibaba and Suning, which is expected to open to third parties in the near future.

In order to achieve more efficient o2o service must be to improve the logistics warehousing as backing in the near future, and in construction throughout the country to a large warehouse is difficult, at this time the warehouse tent is the best choice.

Warehouse tent can use temporary or permanent storage building. It can also be used in special projects construction, it can meet different needs of various customers for the warehouse. The temporary warehouse tent is flexibility and mobility. It is in a unique design, easy to set up and dismantle;

The warehouse tent can be installed on various ground conditions, using inflatable bolts, ground anchors, or weight plates, whether it is installed on the sand, grass ground, cement concrete ground or marble ground which cant get any damage.

alibaba outdoor warehouse tent warehouse tent

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