Amazing Celebrations Tents for Fashion World

On May 28, 2014, Ningbo Weiyichangrong, Japan KANECARON and Guangzhou Yonglida textile, together with the Jingding winner and famous designer Mr. Wu Xuekai, took part in the “only love” China popular faux fur trends press conference in Guangzhou and started the Weiyi • Kanecaron showrooms opening ceremony.

The celebration tent was provided, assembled and unassembled by the Zhuhai Liri Tent Co., Lt d. As everyone knows, the side height of 20m clear span tent in the current market is 3 m or 4 m. Because of the special request of stage, lighting truss, and sound equipments, Li RI provided a 6m ultra-high side height for this celebration. A large internal space and practical internal structure made the whole celebration elegant and high-end. The luxury fashion feast was started with a perfect atmosphere.

In the perfect space of Liri tent erected, models came slowly to you with airily and gracefully, wearing the seductive,silkyfur, walking on the prismy Gorgeous T stage, it seems to bid farewell to the constraint of winter, the luxurious and smart of fur showing your unique beauty.

Liri tent has been focus on the tents for 17 years, devoting themselves to providing temporary space solutions for our clients. Lots of celebrations and new product launches of the fashion world such as New York Fashion Week, they love to use a celebrations tent as a showing hall, and you will never feel repression in a 6m side height tent with T stage, sound equipment, lightings and other equipments.

With a moveable tent space, you held your events around the country with your new products, models, Ts stages, speakers, lightings and other related equipments, without regard to the destruction to the public square because of tents installation. Because the tents can fix on any sites, no matter grass, concrete or marble floors. And we can use the weight plates to protect the ground. Meanwhile, the tents can be set up very quickly,5000 square meters could be set up within 24 hours, which is equal to 5 sets of 20 meters wide,50 meters long large tents, to accommodate 3,000 people.

In the fashion world, fashion shows in tents always attract the attention of countless people, change the concept of fashion world and tents, and boost the perfect cooperation with tents and fashion.

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