Great Annual Party in LIRI TENT

At this time of every year, it is time for all enterprises to plan and prepare the annual party.  The annual party is a” big family party” for the enterprises and the organizations; it is the Spring Festival for the enterprises, and also the mark for the end of one year’s work. To hold an unforgettable party can not only show the strength of the enterprise, make the employees to be confident with the coming year but also arouses more attention from society through Internet and word of mouth.

transparent tent

As people income growing higher and higher, the forms of the annual party are becoming more diverse and change yearly. Many factors are needed to take into consideration when planning an annual party, such as the venue, the environment, indoor or outdoor, site layout, and stage format or whether to find some professional team to plan and so on. In this case, our large transparent event tent becomes a good choice.

large transparent event tent 

A building from the ground up, a 3,500 square meters transparent aluminum tent, with a 500 square meters stage, IRI’s large outdoor event tent accommodate about 2000 persons. People not only can enjoy the great show but also the beautiful starry sky because of the tent’s transparent design. It is also the biggest transparent tent in the world. It is the customized design tent for the annual part.

square meters transparent aluminum tent

For more about the event tent, please refer to the pictures, a successful annual party LIRI Tent did for an enterprise.

event tent

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