Attention for Tent Rental

Attention for tent rental?

Tent rental is a service from tent companies who provide services for rental, assembly, and disassembly. The tent rental services from LIRI TENT are widely used for exhibition, event, ceremony, party, outdoor wedding, sports, beer festival, gourmet festival, temporary warehouse and so on.

The charges of tent rental service include tent structures, tent accessories, fixation(if you don’t want to break the ground, you can choose weight plate as the fixing solution), transportation, crane, installation, labor, it also depends on the condition of the tent(if you want brand new ones, the price will be higher). Recently the threshold is lower, and no official and written standard in this field, different companies have different quality tents, some poor quality tents also exist in the market. So when you are looking for a tent for hire, please not only focus on the pricing, but also quality and reputation.

Noted when you are going to rent a tent:
1. Sign a legally binding contract with the tent company, tent condition, time for installation and time of dismantling should be included.
2. Larger of tentage area, the lower of rental costing. If the tent area is over 30,000 square meters, suppliers should arrange an employee on duty to deal with the problems which maybe appears during the rental period.
3. The certificate of a qualification by China Association For Exhibition Centers is necessary, which can endure the safety of the process.
4. The project must be insured by the tent company.

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