Clear Span Tents What Exactly Are They

Exactly what is a clear span tent structure? Well, defines it as being an area without any physical obstructions. What am I saying for an individual or corporation that considering renting or buying such a large tent structure? Clear span tents don’t have interior support columns to hinder sight lines, meaning there isn’t a substantial tent pole in the tent to impede of stages, tables, equipment or anything else that regularly placed inside a tent. Your entire clear span tent structure is supported by large, aluminum box beams which can be then covered with huge duty and long-lasting flexible convertible top. The information is tensioned to the aluminum support structure in a way the tent might be installed for months or even years with little or no with respect to maintenance.

Most clear span tents are “staked” to the ground with long steel tent stakes and for that reason, dont require the application of ropes or “guy-lines” as if you would see on the typical circus-style tent. Also, many of these tent structures are made to withstand severe winds and meet all national building and fire codes.
ClearSpan Tents

These tents are employed for various applications including sporting events, corporate meetings, graduations, weddings, temporary storage, and a lot of other sorts of events.

When referring to clear span tents, another often asked question is why is clearspan spelled differently by so many people? The correct spelling is two words,”clear” and “span”, but within the tent rental industry, you will see it spelled many different ways. is a nationwide supplier of rental equipment including clear span tents.In the past 17 years, we always focus on the innovation of high-quality clear span tents, therefore we have a rapid development and won a good reputation in China and around the world. For this reason, we have been appointed as the Exclusive Tents Supplier of 2010 Guangzhou Asian Games and 2011 Shenzhen Universiade. It was our great honor to provide about 100,000m2 tents to these two great sports events.

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