Consistent Eight Years Tent Supplier for Zhuhai Airshow

The Tenth Zhuhai Airshow is officially opened at 9:30 this morning. Great significance is attached to the Airshow this year. First, it’s a great celebration for the Airshow itself because this is the tenth Airshow in Zhuhai, which also coincides with its 18-year-old “Adulthood Rite”. To be more wonderful, the Chinese Air Force also ushered in 65 years birthday today. With all those happy and important events happen on this very day, this year Airshow is going to be the largest scale one than ever to celebrate such a good day. The display area and the exhibitors in the Airshow have created a new record, indoor net exhibition area reaches 35,000 square meters. China exhibitors take eight display halls, exhibiting more than 130 aircraft. Around 700 exhibitors from domestic and overseas attend this year’s Airshow, of which up to 45% are from overseas.

The exhibited aircraft and exhibitors from different countries are more than the previous Airshow, according to the Zhuhai Airshow organizing committee. Among the exhibited aircraft, some of the stars such as the F-31, Airbus A380, AC313, ARJ21-700, J-10,Leader AG300 will do demonstration flights; Meanwhile, UAE C130, USA C17, Russian IL-76 and other star aircraft will also be on stationary display.

Chinese Air Force spokesman Colonel Shen Jinke also said that the Chinese Air Force for the first time organizes and display its equipment in a systematic way in this year’s Airshow. J -10, JH -7A, Xian H-6M, Y-9, and Z-8KA, reconnaissance and strike integrated UAVs with other 18 kinds of active duty Air Force aviation equipment are being displayed, and HQ-VI missile and artillery defense weapon system, the HQ-12 anti-aircraft missile launchers and other six active duty Air Force ground weapons systems will meet with the public.

Since the second session of Zhuhai Airshow in 1998, the Airshow has been adopting high-quality outdoor tents provided by Zhuhai Liri Tent Technology Co. Ltd. For consistently eight years, Liri Tent has provided and installed beautiful, elegant tents systems in or outside the exhibition hall for the Zhuhai Airshow. As the “Removable Temporary Construction Experts ” Liri Tent can provide you with all kinds of outdoor exhibition tents. Liri Airshow exhibition tents adopt high-quality aluminum frame,double-PVC coated polyester textile for the cover which is UV resistance, rainproof, and easy cleaning, etc. For better, we can also provide translucent and transparent fabric roof, which not only provide enough lights for the inside space but also allows you to enjoy the warm sunlight in winter.

“Zhuhai Airshow” A series of wonderful exciting will be launched today, let us go and see!

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Zhuhai Airshow tent

Air show tent

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