Construction of 50000sqm Temporary Hospital Tents was finished in only 3 days

This time Liri Architecture Technology has to build temporary hospital tents with a total area of about 50,000 square meters on a wasteland.

Currently, the epidemic is unstable and there are a few cases occasionally. But everyone has a positive and exciting mood and attitude, as they know that they were doing a meaningful thing for the country.

construction staffAs Mr. Weichao Feng said, who is the director of Liri, because of the instability of the epidemic in Shanghai, the site staff insisted on a daily nucleic acid testing, but it’s also hard to avoid individual cases. Although every worker was working with high risk on site, they can’t give up and don’t want to give up, because they know what it means of building those temporary hospital tents.

The on-site staff ate and lived at the site. When they were tired, they found a place to take a short break. Many of them have not even taken a shower for several days and started working as soon as they opened their eyes every day.

Due to the impact of the epidemic, the construction staff can only camp on the spot, containers, cement, bags, and wooden beds became their resting places. The heavy workload pushed everyone to cherish every second of resting time, they even did not care about the washing, because construction condition is unprecedented hard.

construction teamAlthough even under such a desperate situation, the site remained orderly, they coordinated with each other well. Liri construction team has finished about 50,000 square meters of temporary hospital tents in three days with quality and quantity guaranteed. They showed their strong determination and willpower in front of such a huge workload.

temporary hospital tentsYou can see the responsibilities and actions from all the finished temporary hospital tents. It shows the strongest support from Liri to the epidemic prevention and control in Shanghai. And we always believe that victory is on the way.

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