How to Decorate The Wedding Tent

How to decorate the wedding tent?

Liri Tent offers 100% usage wedding tent halls, it provides a broad area for wedding parties. But sometimes it is a big challenge to make people staying inside feeling warm and closely.

Just like design the house, it cost time to decorate the internal tent hall.

1, Confirm the tent size and shape
First of all, you need to confirm the size and tent type according to your wedding budget and the actual quantity of the guests. The most popular Outdoor Wedding Tent includes Party Tent Series, Event Tent Series, Wedding Tent Series. Different tent series has several choices of layout. Party Tent Series is more personal and intimate, Wedding Tent Series is happy and fashional, as for Event Tent series, the atmosphere is more open.

2, Transparent Fabric is a better choice
The optional PVC fabric can be transparent and block out. Most of the people will choose transparent roofing to get close to nature, staying with the blue sky, white clouds, the green hill, pour water, laugh with joy, it reveals endless love.

3, Confirm the theme and color of wedding banquet party
According to the location of the wedding or the dress of the guests. We can use gold, silver, red or an elegant and simple black and white color scheme to decorate your wedding banquet.

4, Install more enough beautiful lightings

Mostly the wedding parties are open at night, in order to ensure enough light in the tent hall when getting dark, we need to collocate enough lightings, such as the flashing lights, various colorful stage lights and even neon to heighten the romantic feeling. Also, we can place some exquisite candles on the table to make it brighter and it can bright more warm atmosphere.

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