Double Decker Structure

The Double Decker structure was designed by Liri Tent in 2012; it created a brand new market in the Chinese tent industry.

The Double Decker originally came from Europe, but now the chief engineer and owner Mr. Liang of Liri Tent has designed and produced it. It has gotten a lot of attention from clients in China and all over the world.  Apparently, the Double Decker means that it is a structure with two floors.
The actual Double Decker is divided into two kinds:
A: DDS A-shape model and clear-span is 10m to 30m and main profile is 300x125x5/8mm
B: ADDS dome-shape model,clear-span of 15m to 30m, and main profile is 300x125x5/8mm

The Double Decker frame is made out of high reinforced extruded aluminum in 4-groove aluminum hollow profile 6061/T6. All the steel parts are made out of hot-dipped galvanized steel, the internal ceiling sub-construction is supported by wooden beams and the second flooring board is made out of 28mm waterproof plywood. The roof coverings are made out of double-coated PVC which is flame retardant up to the European DIN 4102 B1, M2. Standard.

The Double Decker is made out of a modular system like that of a traditional clear-span structure. The length can be extended by 5m without a limit and it is the same as a normal structure which has many options to choose from.

Liri Tent double decker is always strong and durable with its 100km/h wind speed resistance. The tents special design for ADDS with curved beams and roof bar tensioning system which helps it to resist higher wind speed and snow loading capacity.

Normally, the double decker has no poles in the interior of the structure which makes it more spacious than another pole tent, frame tent, or steel tent designs. This structure helps it become a place of high class for events like golf, horse racing,carracing,and so on.

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