Double Decker Tent For Sport Events

Double Decker Tent For Sport Events

      Spectators at sporting events want to be as close to the action as possible. But how do you design a VIP space when you don’t know which direction fans will face to view the event?

double decker tent

      The solution to getting guests closest to competition was to build the structure between the two fields with tiered seating that could be flipped depending on the field in use. This special structure is the two-story structure.

sport events

Widening area

       On the same site area, double-decker tents can accommodate twice of the audience as

common layer tents. Whether it is a world-class sports events or national sports

competitions, when the area is limited to the spot, double-decker tents are able to expand

the area of space so that more viewers can feel the lively atmosphere of the sports game in the

competition field.

two storey structure

Throughout the sports competition field
As a senior sports fan, what most people want to see in the sports competition field is the whole race scene that miracle moment to be created by athletes.And double decker tents can do that to meet all sports fans.

Double Decker Tent For Sport Events events tent

Standing on the second-floor balcony of double-decker tents, visitors can view the entire sports competition site. Whether it is the wonderful performance of players or the direction of the game, the viewers are at a glance. It plays an important role in sports competitions like Equestrian Masters Sport, golf tournament, tennis competition or Athletics Championships etc that sports viewers can see the wonderful performance.

High Peak Double Decker Tent

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