Environmentally Friendly

The first China Alashan Desert Challenge and Stars Environmental Protection Public Welfare Event hold on 25th July-2nd August. Zhuhai Liri Tent provides environmentally friendly tent camp for the first 2014 Alashan Desert Challenge and offering quality tents services.

The first Alaskan Desert Challenge is not only a professional desert cross-country race but the best platform for Chinese cross-country culture. The charity activity is a part of the Challenge; hundreds of famous stars in domestic will attend the event, and send compassion and concern to the western people, especially the western education. It is reported that during the break time of the Challenge,a  large charity party will be hold in a Salon Tent, which is provided by Liri Tent. At that time, people will get together, combining the charity activities with the Challenge, to make a new style of challenge charity platform in domestic.

Zhuhai Liri Tent provides movable environmentally friendly tents for the Alashan Desert Challenge, mainly used for integrated offices, racing drivers’ homes, restaurants and so on. Liri Tents has become a bright landscape in China Alashan Desert Challenge. As the officially designated tents supplier and sponsor of China cross-country challenge, Liri Tent play a pretty important role. There were some very simple and crude tents camps for the cross-country challenges in domestic, and the simple roof of the toilets was blown off by the strong wind. Now Liri Tent builds up the environmentally friendly tents for challenges, not only safe, strong but also convenient because of the mobility, the tents can be assembled at any time, providing conveniences for logistics work and a comfortable place for drivers and media.

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